Following Richard Chancellor

Day 5

Saturday morning was the earliest ascent on the project route. The curator of the project began to get ready for departure when it was not yet 5 o'clock in the morning.
Tea/coffee before departure, transfer to the railway station, a short wait for a passing train from Arkhangelsk to Adler (again towards the Black Sea), landing, and now the project participants again make a long-hour drive to Yaroslavl.

Upon arrival in the millennial Yaroslavl (the date of foundation is considered to be the 1010th year), the project participants met at the railway station with the then "Yaroslavl voivode"/ our contemporary — a resident of Yaroslavl Alexey Sergeevich Selivanov in the winter of 1553/1554. The curator of the project just happened to meet him in Yaroslavl a few years ago when he was traveling through the Yaroslavl region as part of another volunteer project.
Here, unexpectedly for Vadim Mikhailovich, it turned out that Alexey knows quite well the history of his native land, the history of the Russian State and general history. There was a confident answer to all the tricky questions from one of the travelers like "was there a horse-drawn tram in London in the 16th century".
The three of them, the host and the guests quickly reached the next site, where, by agreement, another Chancler event was held.
In the regional library named after Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov (born in Karabikha near Yaroslavl), the visitors were greeted by the hostess Nina Nikolaevna. Quick preparation, and the next series of the "Chancleriada-2" went-the Yaroslavl version.
Once again, the curator of the project spoke about Richard Chancellor and the current project.
A young man, who represented the regional branch of the Society for the Protection of Nature, named Yaroslav," banked " when laying out the luggage of a modern Chancellor in Yaroslavl. Yaroslavets coped with the interactive very well: he distributed material objects or printed documents in different directions according to the principle: this could not exactly be a GPS tracker type in the land expedition of the Agli ambassador Ryshart, but he could take a modern printout of the ship's role, which lists 50 crew members of the ship, which was just commanded by Richard Chancellor, with him to Moscow.
Interesting counter-questions were asked by Galina Mikhailovna and Margarita Igorevna. But the project curator Vadim Alexandrovich was very surprised by an unexpected question from Pavel Alexandrovich, who was late for a short time. Yaroslavl antiquity lover asked to open all the maps and offered to name the route and the originator of the possible next project.
V. Mikhailov, although he is a "Chancellor-2", had to "repent" and voice the "culprit" of the next historical and geographical remake. At the end of this year, the 375th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Andreevich Baranov, a native of the city of Kargopol / now in the Arkhangelsk region, the first ruler of Russian America, "the head of Alaska for 18 years, will be fulfilled. a possible route was also planned in mini, medium and maxi versions.
Again, mutual words of gratitude from the travelers and participants of the event from Yaroslavl.
Then, under the strict guidance of a guide around the city, all three visited one of the taverns where they prepare normal — almost homemade food.
It turned out thanks to Alexey Selivanov that a couple of years ago it was quite "cheap and angry" here. It's a little more expensive now, but it's tasty and nutritious. Thank you for the food on the third floor of one of the taverns in Yaroslavl.
And again-the continuation of the march towards the railway station, where it was possible to solve some organizational questions. Then-farewell to Alexey Sergeevich and accommodation at the next "inn". Immediately after landing at a new place to spend the night until Sunday morning, Sergei Borisov shaved and went for a walk around the city, perhaps to catch a glimpse of at least one Yaroslavna. Only Vadim Mikhailov parted Sergey Olegovich, who served as a contract soldier in the Airborne Forces in neighboring Kostroma for about three years, with approximate words: "Only, please, without "Yaroslavna's lament". All non-statutory or non-project relationships only after the completion of the project." The reserve corporal Borisov seems to have given an "honest pioneer". Let's hope that he keeps his word.
There are three days and three nights left before the finish of the project on 31.08/tue at noon in Moscow on Varvarke Street, 4A at the Old English Courtyard Museum. The project has passed its "peak" — now only "from the hill down"
On Sunday, we will stop in the city of Rostov the Great, where external filming of the unique comedy "Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession" was carried out in the walls of the Rostov Kremlin in 1972 - there are the main characters John Vasilyevich/he is the manager Bunsh and the burglar Georges Miloslavsky / he is one of those Miloslavskys who was not hanged just in the 16th century — performed by actors of Soviet cinema Yuri Vasilyevich (1928-2013) and Leonid Vyacheslavovich Kuravlev, who will soon-08.10-it will be 85 years old — we ran through the galleries.