Following Richard Chancellor

Day 6

Early in the morning on the 6th day of the journey, the travelers left Yaroslavl ahead of schedule on an interregional electric train heading to the Alexandrov station in the Vladimir region to Rostov Veliky in the Yaroslavl region.
The estimated travel time is about one and a half hours with all stops at all intermediate stations/ platforms.
We passed the Yaroslavl-passenger bus stop, where, as it turned out, there was a locomotive crossing, and headed in the opposite direction, as it were.
But in fact, they came out on the highway leading to the south.

Distraction from the plot: the day before, a song of the Soviet period called "Lada" was sent to me on the VKontakte network
, It begins with the words:
"Under the iron ring of chain mail,
Under the iron ring of chain mail,
Getting on a horse on horseback,
Yaroslavna in the hour of separation,
Yaroslavna in the hour of separation
The prince probably spoke..."

And the famous chorus
But the beginning of the second verse may have something to do with our project:
"Centuries are not an obstacle for us..."
After all, in fact, we have plunged into the age of mail and Yaroslavna, but a little closer to the present, but still the time difference between our remake and the original action is more than 4 and a half centuries.
Then, maybe it's true - "centuries are not an obstacle for us" in our project.
A good forgotten song.
If you are interested, listen to the original!

One of my communicators, to whom I sent information about this song, wrote the lines of the chorus:
,,And I want to again
The forgotten word LADA,
The forgotten word LADA
Everyone began to call their loved ones."

Arrived ahead of schedule in Rostov Veliky
On the platform, local passengers were asked: "Is this Rostov-on-Don?"
Followed by a beappelatory answer, apparently from railway workers: "No, this is Rostov Yaroslavsky" or Rostov the Great / the second part was added in the 19th century to avoid confusion with the city on the Don River in the south.

We quickly got to the building dating back to the 1900s, where today there is a SUITE/ Station for Young Tourists, which is headed by Nikolai Mikhailovich, a well-known curator of the project since December 2010 for the project "Rybny Obroz-2".
Now, thanks to him and Galina Alexandrovna, the participants of the new project will have somewhere to put their heads at night.

Soon, Nikolai Mikhailovich, an enthusiast for the development of children's and youth tourism and a fighter with physical inactivity, as energetic as he was more than 10 years ago, arrived.
We said hello and went into the house - it has beds for 34 people coming from all over the Rostov region, or from several districts of the Yaroslavl region, or even from other regions (bunk beds) + a food hall + a hall for eating and a hall for holding various events.

After a short snack and a short half-nap, we saw Ivan Vladimirovich, a specially invited guide of the federal museum "Rostov Kremlin". By the way, the second word in this phrase is written with a small letter, unlike, say, the phrase "Moscow Kremlin", where both words are written with a capital letter .
Having canceled the business planned for his day off, Ivan Vladimirovich conducted an informative tour of both the museum and the city.
All the centuries and names were mixed up in the head of the curator of the project, but otherwise the main feeling is that Rostov the Great is a unique city on the map of our Fatherland.
Lake Nero, on the shore of which the city of Rostov the Great is located, also impressed the guests.
Driving around the city after an excursion to the museum itself and religious buildings under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church, was also extremely exciting. Thank you, Ivan Vladimirovich!
Then the "owner" of the Rostov Kremlin invited the travelers to his home to taste what God sent. For the meal there were peppers stuffed with meat, prepared by the wife of Ivan Vladimirovich. Thank you to the hostess of the tavern!
When the guests were taken back to the place of accommodation, they again managed to communicate with the general owner of the inn, Nikolai Mikhailovich, until about 20 o'clock the replacement hostess of the inn / she is the night watchman from 20:00 to 08:00 Lyudmila Sergeevna came.

So with such a curatorship, I think that a restless sleep for the project participants will be guaranteed.
Also note that the guests 'stay in the city coincided with the annual half marathon "Golden Ring" on its streets / three distances are run: half marathon, 10 and 3 km
Just when the guests were at the souvenir rows near the entrance to the museum, the participants of the 3 km race ran past them at different speeds.