Following Richard Chancellor

Day 8

On the morning of the last day of summer-2021, at about 9 o'clock, the project participants already reached the Kolomenskaya metro station, from where they moved to the main entrance of the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve.
Short experiences in different places, and in order to save time, the guests were already taken by car to the museum sector, where there are several objects of wooden architecture from the Arkhangelsk region. Waiting for them there was someone in a red vestment, whom the curator of the project initially took for Sagittarius. But it turned out to be a "Bolyarin" named Andrey, dressed in a zipun, who also turned out to be a tour guide.
Andrey greeted Vadim and Sergey and led a leisurely yarn about the wooden beauties of sowing the earth.
I started, of course, with the Ascension tent Church, now a UNESCO monument, and then moved on to the northern creations.
The tower of the Sumy prison, transferred to Kolomenskoye from the shores of the White Sea, and the Church of St. George from the Verkhnetoyemsky district of the Arkhangelsk Region, and, of course, the "pearl" of northern beauty: the travel tower of the Nikolo-Korelsky Monastery, built in 1692, moved here in the 1930s on the initiative of Pyotr Dmitrievich Baranovsky, were painted.
The curator of the project was particularly impressed by the different ways of laying logs in a wooden structure, emphasized by the guide Andrey: only here there were three of them, and in general up to a dozen are known.
Thanking "Bolyarin", the project participants hurried to the metro in order to have time to the gathering place of the "troupe" by half past eleven to participate in the finish ceremony of the project.
We had time!

The members of the" troupe " of the Chancler Theater were pulled up in different ways. The most disciplined were the young participants of the action and their parents:" tsarevich " Artem with his father Misha and mother Irina, as well as three children: Kostya / "chenslerenok", Matvey / "guard" and Nastya / "interpreter" together with his mother Nadia.
Gradually, representatives of the public arrived, including such actors as Pyotr Vladimirovich/
"whistler", Yuri Mikhailovich / "museum worker", Lyudmila Vasilyevna / "representative of the Embassy order".
One of the main characters of the final, Vladimir Petrovich "zloom", was a little late.
Around noon, with unusually warm, sunny and windless weather, the final stage of the project began.
The finish ceremony was opened by Alexander Borisovich Sotin, who, on behalf of the Old English Courtyard Museum (now part of Zaryadye Park), welcomed the repeaters of Richard Chancellor's exemplary journey from the shores of the White Sea to Moscow 468 years later.
The curator of the project, Vadim Mikhailov, named several figures characterizing the project: more than 1000 kilometers were overcome, 6 subjects of the Russian Federation were visited, seven events were held on the Chensler River, 101 mugs of tea were drunk for two...
Then the project was evaluated by Yuri Mikhailovich, an employee of the State Historical Museum, who noted that the project participants did not "screw up" too much and, in general, the remake almost corresponded to the original.
After that, Lyudmila Vasilyevna, a participant of the second finish at volunteer projects, took the floor, who in December 2010 also welcomed the participants of our very first project "Fish Wagon Train-2"in the center of Moscow. Many years ago, Lyudmila Vasilyevna and Vadim Alexandrovich worked in the International Department of VASHNIL/ All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences named after Lenin.
On behalf of the "Embassy order", Lyudmila Vasilyevna did not declare a "note of protest" to the uninvited guests, but simply said: "You are welcome!"
Then" interpreter " Nastya read aloud the translation of the text of the letter of the curator of the project dated 14.07.2021 addressed to Her Highness the Queen of Great Britain, made by her as a homework assignment.
And here an attempt was made to crack the ceremonial ceremonial of the meeting. The theatricalization began.
A nondescript peasant suddenly appeared around the corner and began to push his way unceremoniously through the crowd of people meeting him with the words: "The Tsar, Just the Tsar!"
In his hand he held a passport cover with the same words. This introduction ended with the fact that this someone read aloud the words of a famous monologue of a famous hero from a famous movie that begins: "You think that it is easy for us, the tsars..."
Those who gathered after such a convincing demonstration had to agree with such an uninvited "tsar".
Then" chenslerenok "Kostya with the British flag on his shoulders
handed over the" Monomakh cap " to Vladimir Petrovich, and it seems that the action was over.
But then suddenly the uninvited "tsar", who had taken possession of the "royal regalia", suddenly went on the run.
At the same time, a piece of A4 paper suddenly fell out of the passport cover, from which it became clear that it was not "John Vasilyevich", but "Georges Miloslavsky".
The vigilant passerby Pyotr Vladimirovich whistled with all his might, the" guard " Matvey rushed after the evil one who had stolen the "crown of the Moscow kingdom", who did not manage to escape far. The "royal regalia" was returned to the" chenslerenok " Kostya, who immediately handed it to the real "Ivan Vasilyevich" - "tsarevich" Artem with the Russian flag on his shoulders, who appeared on the other side of the building.
That's it! The mission of the repeat expedition was completed!
All this action, in which, among others, representatives from the city of Vidnoye and the Leninsky City District participated, was observed, as if from the side, by another project consultant Sergey Vadimovich Kaidashev, who worked for many years at the Old English Courtyard Museum (it was here almost 10 years ago that Vadim Alexandrovich Mikhailov met him).
The professional historian did not seem to have any comments on the current repeaters.
Then Alexander Borisovich invited those who wanted to go on an excursion to the museum. During an interesting and informative excursion, representatives of the younger generation asked a lot of questions.
Thank you all!
Show Must Go On!