Following Richard Chancellor

Day 4

In the early morning of Friday, the 27th (still not the 13th), the project participants were quickly preparing to move to continue the route. The bags are collected again, all the charges of the gaskets for the night are completed.
A rather heavy breakfast at Olga Alexandrovna's followed. At the table, as one of the phenomena, there was even honey of its own preparation (modern bee-keeping, as it was in the 16th century, is engaged in the eldest child in this family - an adult daughter Natalia with her husband Alexander (Andrey is the youngest son). Thanks!
The hostess collected for the "pososhok" on the road, than the" tavern " sent. Such products as cooked river fish, raspberry jam, cheesecakes with cranberries and even canned squash caviar in a glass jar fit into the realities of the 16th century/ you need to eat it at the next night!
But chocolate based on cocoa beans clearly did not fit into this time paradigm. Although, when passing through Rostov Veliky in the Yaroslavl region, it will be possible to clarify this. When asked about the presence of chocolate four and a half centuries ago in the Russian North, the hostess gracefully replied with a quote from a song from a famous movie:
"And the sun was rising,
And the rainbow bloomed,
Everything was, everything was!
And there was love!"
Means that Richard Chancler himself could have accidentally had coffee, brought to England from India.
After saying goodbye to the hospitable hosts, the guests went to the railway station building to leave a couple of shopping bags with the "extra" things of the curator of the project and provisions for responsible storage at Natalia Nikolaevna.
When approaching the station, V. Mikhailov casually asked S. Borisov about which direction, in fact, the project participants would have to go in order to reach Vologda.
He followed the direction of Sergei's hand to the east in the direction of Vorkuta.
The curator of the project had to disagree with this, although the Archangel-city resident Sergey seemed to have given a non-destructive argument from the famous fairy tale of the Russian classic:
Something like the type "our path lies to the east..."
And then, with a historical correction: "Past the island of the Brawler to the Kingdom of the glorious Ivan..."
The curator of the project had to check with the tracker and indicate just the opposite direction: to the west!

Then, both travelers made a thirty-minute walk to the Velsky Museum, where they talked in an express format with the history lovers who came, mostly girls.

A first - year student of the Velsky Technical School (after the 9th grade), a future kindergarten teacher named Tatiana, distinguished herself at the "layout of the luggage of a modern Chancellor", to whom a symbolic paper crown from a public catering network was handed over at the end of the interactive. Tatiana promised to give this crown to her younger sister, Ksenia.
In response to clarifying questions from the curator of the project, one of the girls present in the hall, named Ekaterina, correctly named the number of people who were included in the ship's role of that particular sailboat out of three in the expedition, which was commanded by Richard Chancellor: 50!

Apparently, the Agli ambassador Ryshart took someone from the crew with him on a multi-day journey to Moscow, for example, a doctor. Just in case!

This was followed by a control survey inside the museum and outside, signing the fourth dispatch / postcard from the Pomeranian North to London to Buckingham Palace with the return address of the corresponding return address.

Natalia Vladimirovna, the organizer of the meeting at the museum, also kindly took the guests to the railway station in Velsk-thank you to everyone, from where the travelers began to move towards Moscow to the next destination - the regional center of Vologda.

Soon V. Mikhailov and S. Borisov already crossed another border of the Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions and began to approach the "Vologda-where, where..."
One of the first stations in the Vologda land was a station of the Northern railway Kharovskaya, about the inhabitants of which wags say: "Haruchan - the British..."
Yeah, figured surprised curator of the project, confident that Richarte here in the winter of 1553/1554, he certainly wasn't here (he was moving parallel to the modern fed M8).
And then Vadim Mikhailov signed something like "Mysterious ways Cislerova...".

A separate feature of moving on the route in the Russian Railways train from Velsk to Vologda (the travel time together with stops is just over 6 hours) is given by the fact that the project participants are traveling, in fact, at the very end of the train - car number 1, with the numbering of the train starting from the tail of the train.

When checking the documents when boarding the car, Vadim Alexandrovich Mikhailov carefully clarified with the conductor from the Republic of Komi/ RK (the place of formation of the team of conductors is Syktyvkar) that the train goes from the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Adler-Anapa and should deliver the northerners to the beginning of the velvet season on the Black Sea.
Sergey Olegovich asked a question like, maybe we should give up on Anapa, to which he received an exhaustive answer that the Crimean Tatars were founded on this territory in the winter of 1553/1554. And before their arrival in Moscow under the command of Khan Devlet-Giray in 1571 and the looting and burning of the predominantly wooden city, there were almost 18 years left...

It's a good thing that Muscovy did not wage a war with England at that time...
Although there were other suppostats who wanted to attack Moscow...
Thanks, including to Ryshart, who came to us in peace.

Upon arrival in Vologda, the project participants came under the supervision of cute girls Nadezhda Innokentievna and Elena Vasilyevna, who "loaded" the guests and luggage into a minibus driven by the driver Pavel Stepanovich.
Through the congestion, with a slight delay, everyone arrived together at the site of the next Chancler event in the library on 73 Proletarskaya Street.
Fans of ancient legends have already gathered there.
A brief preparation and again "into battle". After the presentation by the hosts Elena Nikolaevna, Alyona Olegovna and Anna Leonidovna, the curator of the project V. Mikhailov first took the floor, who emphasized the "Vologda component" of the project itself.
Then Sergey Borisov made his debut as the host of the event, who, in principle, coped well with this functionality - this was the fifth event on the project route.
Then Vadim Mikhailov himself returned to conducting the interactive.
The charming Yulia Nikolaevna acted as a distributor of the "baggage of a modern Chancellor", who, in principle, correctly reacted to all the tricky "ambushes" of Vadim Alexandrovich and even made an application to become the third Russian ambassador to the UK in the future.
The first two: the first ambassador Osip Grigorievich Nepea (since 1556) and the Soviet-era ambassador Soldatov Alexander Alekseevich, who would have turned 106 years old on the day of the event. Let's see!
At the end of the event, the guests were presented with book publications dedicated to Osip Nepea, published in Vologda.

The participants of the event thanked the guests for the informative story, then there was "tea for the path", photographing inside and outside the library.
Then move to the next place of accommodation, dinner and lights out.
Meanwhile, Sergei Borisov used the evening hours of his stay in Vologda for a walk near the "bivouac". But without overkill