Following Richard Chancellor

Day 3

26.08/Thu - day three
Sunrise at the latitude of Shenkursk at 04: 40
White nights still last a little longer, the peak falls at the end of June
There is a berry and mushroom harvesting season. One of the local harvesters who met on the route, named Ivan/ 20 years old, shared that with a successful scenario (he leaves for the forest from a village in the Shenkursky district early in the morning on a motorcycle 10-15 kilometers from home, takes a cowberry with a grabber and in two trips in the back of 20 kg at a time, he transports to the village, where he delivers berries with garbage to a wholesaler) can earn up to 5 thousand rubles a day.
Similarly with mushrooms.
Mushroom rains are coming right now in the south of the Arkhangelsk region. The gruzdi have already made a move! The season is in full swing! It turns out that the day feeds almost half a month. Seize the moment!
On Thursday morning, two residents of the city of Shenkursk, Svetlana Vasilyevna and Elena Viktorovna, by prior arrangement, conducted a short introductory tour along the right bank of the Vaga for the curator of the project.
Thanks to local old-timers, Vadim Mikhailov managed to take several pictures of the panorama opening from the shore to the river. The guest also visited the sports ground being installed together with the accompanying persons.
Sports simulators have only recently been brought to the place next to the already equipped sketdrome, but the young shenkuryats have already boldly tested the brought, but not yet fixed sports equipment.
After saying goodbye with words of gratitude to the lovely women, the curator of the project bought delicious pies, including shangi with oatmeal and cheesecakes with cranberries from a local bakery.
Then a quick snack took place at the place of the overnight stay, prepared by an officer with 6 years of experience who entered the kitchen attire of the Airborne troops.
After moving from the place of overnight accommodation, the project participants made the way on foot across the pontoon bridge over the Vaga from the right bank to the left to the stop where buses plying between Velsky / yug and Arkhangelsk or Severodvinsk / sever stop.
The march to the bus stop lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Then a short wait for the nearest vehicle to the south, and soon the project participants began to move by minibus number 525 to Velsk. At the wheel of the minibus, unexpectedly for Sergei, there was his friend, with whom they live side by side in Arkhangelsk, named Vladislav.
So the driver on this section of the federal highway M8 turned out to be his own person.

Upon arrival in the southern capital of the Arkhangelsk region - the city of Velsk at the railway station, the project participants conducted a quick reconnaissance on the ground and a short time later they were already driving further along the M8 to the south. When moving towards the village of Verkhovazhye, the "designers" soon crossed the border of the Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions, turned left from the M8 and after 4 km were already in the center of the Verkhovazhsky district on Lunacharsky Street, 29/2 near the walls of the local museum, where the guests were met by Irina Vasilyevna, whom the curator of the project has known since December 2010 since the participants of the Fish Wagon Train-2 project, which was then dedicated to the upcoming 300th anniversary of M. V. Lomonosov
And now there is a new project in honor of the 500th anniversary of the birth of the Agli ambassador Ryshart.
In the museum, the project participants told about the epic from the mid-1550s that happened to the British and about a weak version of the repetition that Russian "designers"are now trying to repeat.The story was listened to with interest and attention.
Then a short walk from the museum building on the former Gostinoryadskaya Street / now Lunacharsky Street to the Assumption Cathedral in the historical part of the city - the so-called Verkhovazhsky camp / fortified military structure (almost like the Kremlin).
Here, the project participants stood at the memorial milestone in honor of the passage of the future first Russian academician Mikhail Lomonosov with a fish train through these places 177 years after the Chensler River — in the winter of 1730/1731. In the Center of Folk Culture, the exposition "Dear Lomonosov", including a sleigh with hay, was examined under the story of Angelina Andreevna. In conclusion, the travelers were fed sandwiches and given tea. Thanking for the hospitality, the project participants moved again to Velsk, where they stayed for the night at the "inn-2", which was hosted by Olga Alexandrovna / studied with Vadim Alexandrovich in the second half of the 1970s in Arkhangelsk and her husband Vasily Mikhailovich. Also, the participants of the current project were welcomed by their son Andrey-a walker from the project of more than 10 years ago "Fish Wagon Train-2".
The guests were fed with river fish / bream and podyazok, baked in foil and other goodies of the local "tavern". Also, a Siberian cat / chinchilla long-haired named Innokenty took part in the welcoming ceremony.
Finally, hang up!