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I just left!

I left by train from the Yaroslavsky railway station in Moscow in the direction of Alexandrov.
There I get on a passing train from the semi-Black Sea to the White Sea: Anapa - Arkhangelsk (goes around Moscow).
I am closing the swimming season in Severodvinsk at the start of the project.
I opened it on a previous visit = 23.03.
"So the summer has passed...
As if it never happened..."
The poet Arseny Alexandrovich Tarkovsky wrote these lines in the first days of September 1967, when he was on vacation in a sanatorium in the Lithuanian SSR.
This was told to me by his daughter Marina Arsenyevna, who will be 87 (!) years old on 03.10.2021
She is 2 years older than her brother, film director Andrey Arsenyevich Tarkovsky